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Bracelet Set Form

Bracelet Set Form - Psoe
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Set of silicone bracelets with embossing logos of political party. Available in IU, PSOE and PP designs. Presented in an individual pouch.
Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE), Partido Popular (PP), Izquierda Unida (IU)

No Lens Glasses Martyns

No Lens Glasses Martyns - White
Original eyeglass frame without lenses with frames in a wide range of bright tones. Presented in a padded polyester cover with self-closing laces.

Id Badge Bindel

Id Badge Bindel - White
Colorful aluminum name tag and rear hook clip for secure accessory.

Id Holder Melak

Id Holder Melak - White
Accreditations holder with carabiner closure and metallic clip fixing in varied colors. With retractable mechanism, includes 1m length strap. Clip and Tape Measure 1 m Included

Pen Medic

Pen Medic - Transparent
Original ball pen with syringe design and transparent body. With inside liquid in bright tones and blue ink.

Medal Corum

Medal Corum - Red / Bronze
Metallic medal with polyester ribbon in red finish with Spanish flag. With carabiner closure for easy printing and available in gold, silver and bronze models.

Wig Genax

Wig Genax - White
Fun animation wig in bright tones with curly hair. Also available in Spanish design.

Multipurpose Bracelet Neliam

Multipurpose Bracelet Neliam - White
Multi purpose bracelet with body in soft polyester in bright and in varied colors. White color especially designed for sublimation printing.

Pen Crisant

Pen Crisant - Red
Original flower ball pen with body in soft transparent finish in bright tones and matching color hood. In blue ink.

Badge Lanyard Cail

Badge Lanyard Cail - White
Identifier stamped in PVC with lanyard and metallic carabiner closures in varied colors.

Bottle Zablex

Bottle Zablex - White
T-shirt bottle of 470ml capacity with flexible PET finishing body in a varied and bright tones. With screw-on safety cap with closing hood and matching color metal carrying carabiner. 470 ml

Flag Roldus

Flag Roldus - White
Flag in resistant polyester of vivid colors with reinforced graphic surface of 95x200cm. Compatible with item 5421: Flag Roldus.
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